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Dedicated room 24/7
PIN code security
Users announced on entry / exit
International access
Room personalisation
Call record option
Improved decision making
By getting all the right people involved at the same time.
Improved time management
Reduce travelling and the number of seperate meetings.
Improved communications
Get your message across quicker & receive instant feedback.
PAYG Conferening

No set-up fee!  Each person that dials into a conference just pays for the cost of the call through their regular telephone bill.  Calls cost 5p / min. at all times from a UK landline (see pricing).

Call2Conference is your own “virtual” meeting room, which is available whenever you want to use it - even at only a moment's notice - and enables you to share and discuss information just as you would during a traditional meeting.

A conference call can be made from any type of phone, at any time and from anywhere in the world. Each participant phones the Call2Conference telephone number, enters the conference room number and pin and is connected to the other participants of that conference room.

Setting up your own Call2Conference facility couldn't be easier and we don't need any personal information or credit card details. It is simple, cheap and quick to set-up and easy to use.

You can setup your free conference room in double quick time, but if you want to manage multiple rooms just create an account to gain access to “My Conference” where you can access a number of tools for room management and conference scheduling.